Hats: finished and delivered

…to mixed reviews.

The once-was-a-murloc hat was of course popular. The teeth were gravy. (The kid doesn’t know he’s missing spikes and proper arms. That’s ok.)

The hat I began calling “funky poodle”*, made sans pattern and foolishly with only one skein of the novelty poodle puff or whatever-the-hell it is, was not so fantastic. At first the (other) kid handed it back and instructed me to “show it to mom.” Um… right. Sorry to interrupt 2008’s version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. I was a little miffed, but had to remind myself of the basic tenet of gift-giving: once given, they can do with it what they wish. Also… she’s four, and politeness isn’t in the scope of her project just yet. Breathe.

After a while, I convinced her to take her ponytail out so I could see if the thing would fit her melon. It mostly did, after instructions that it’s supposed to be worn on the forehead like a beret (sometimes) is. Oh well. Maybe this fall I’ll add some more ribbing/banding on the front. At least when she was holding it she looked happy enough, and also was moving around enough to keep the pic blurry. That’s 4-year-old for “thanks,” right?

*The Funky Poodle was a dog-grooming salon in the 80s some time near my mom’s, and later my might-as-well-be-my-sister cousin’s childhood home. We loved the name.

The hat that now bears its name is pink, puffy like a poodle, and I also crafted a ball-and-chain on the top of the hat. I think next time there will be more substance to the “fun yarn” projects (for instance, a black beret with a funky poodle brim and dongle-ball) rather than the whole thing being fun yarn. It is not, for the record, fun to knit.


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