A sweater a druid can love

First, happy birthday, mom! She has made me what I am: a hippy druid.

Since she doesn’t read this blog, I can skip back to the me-centricity. I saw this sweater when a new online magazine called the Twist Collective launched and loved it. I starred the conceptual sketch in my Google reader the other day and fell in love again!

The photo shoot for the sweater is pretty awesome, too, and read the caption! Be still, my durid hart!

For the little bit of druid in every knitter. Top-down cabled roots and vines at the yoke and lower edges.”

Twist Collective, you didn’t have to spell that out for me. I feel ya. I feel ya. *long creepy stare*

This might actually become the first pattern I ever purchase! (Not counting books. You can’t count books! Knitting pr0n! Knitting pr0n! Does not count!)

OH! And to tie it all back in, mom has a huge wisteria vine in her yard, which of course I love, and also another druid in my guild is named a gamer-spelling of wisteria. In fact, I suggested she name her baby-to-be Wisteria when she solicited suggestions. Hey, it’s a good name!


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