BlizzCon costume

Since I got my blizzcon tix I started thinking about going in costume to the convention.

I thought immediately about what really impressed me with WoW. It was this cinematic. In particular, I wanted to roll a Druid from seeing that cool Night Elf shapeshift while running. Way too cool!

She’s got a very cool set of gear, and even though in the cinematic she melees out of form (duh!) dressing in homage to her was the immediate choice.

Except she’s a night elf.

I switched to horde long ago. Plus I have a nifty horde symbol necklace my friend made for me!

So what to do, what to do? Blood elf was the next choice: normal skin color and hair (although blonde), decently fun(ish) costume, and of course horde.

It just didn’t feel right though. Nevermind that belfs are total waifs. Night elves have a more athletic build, if still unrealistic. Forget that I’m more druidy than hordey, and stupid Belfs can’t be Druids. That’s a whole different rant.

Then I started flipping through artwork and cinematic and found this: lament of the highborne. Wow. First of all, I recognized the song as the one you hear when you turn in a quest to Sylvanas. Pretty freakin neat to begin with. Secondly, I had no recollection of her story. I didn’t even realize the highborne were elf ghosts. But yeah, check the ears. Really cool story: she was killed an then raised by Arthas!

Which brings me to awesome reason number three: Sylvanas is a night elf forsaken. She has all the elements I liked about the night elf idea, but horde and cool beyond that even. Her own story, a name, and a neat prop in the form of that necklace.

Oh! And some extra options found on WoWWiki (beyond what she wears in Undercity — boring!)


2 thoughts on “BlizzCon costume

  1. thanks! i think as much as possible, i’m going to try to stick with “official” if I can. if i’m gonna do this, it’s gonna be by the book, yo!

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