recycled chandeliers and lamps

Man, thinking about buying a house that needs some updating opens up all sorts of creativity… of the “leveraged” variety. Here are some ideas I’ve gathered:

^^ Pretty lamps that look better on than off, and are made of recycled (re-used) plastic junk.

<– This gives me an idea to make a similar lamp shade from eyeglass lenses. Sunglasses included. Some are awesome and huge and would make neat prisms. I guess a decision would have to be made re: keep the frames and cut them up or drill the lens to make a hole. Or glue! 😛 (Bad idea on a lamp shade: heat!)

Craft has a neat post with two recycled chandies. Teacups and plastic knives in them. Pretty interesting.

<– Similarly, this idea as a lamp. You could invert them and have them sticking upwards for a floor lamp. A funky, glass floor lamp “flower”. Wow, how fast would I break that? Incidentally (-ly?), that idea also comes in a smaller version for real homes rather than show rooms. Hm. What did I do with all those mason jars I didn’t sell at my garage sale last weekend? Dag!

Here’s a DIY for the hangy-downy kind.

Ok, this isn’t strictly a lamp but it’s light-related and pretty freaking cool! Come on! It’s an autobot!! –>

<– And wow, one of the most amazing lamps I’ve seen to date, and it’s got a How-To on Craftster. Cherry branch lights. Awesome!


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