BlizzCon tix: lesson in frustration

Times that I hit F5 today: hundreds
Times that I got to confirmation screen only to have a final error: 6
Times I called Sales support: 25-30
Times I talked to a human: 1
Times I swore going to BlizzCon isn’t worth it: not quite yet.

But seriously? Come on.  You have 10M WoW players alone, plus the entire Diablo and Starcraft fanbase.  Don’t you think you’re gonna get hit with a _few_ requests when tix go on sale?  Really?

I just want to give you my hard-earned money.  Please take it.  Please?

Fine!  I’m just gonna take my money and… well, go hit refresh a few more times on your blue post to see if you have an update ohprettypleaseireallywannagetmymountdoeswhininghellllllllllllp!


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