1) I walked away from the house after the home inspection.  I’m down about 500 bucks, but up a ton since I’m not buying a house just yet.  Gee, if only the foundation AND roof had been solid… instead of both not-so-much.

2) Tomorrow I leave pre-ass-crack of dawn to go camping a few days and then work remotely for about 2 weeks.  WoW will continue, but alas that tonight I could not try my hand tanking SSC.  Stupid ridiculously early flight.

3) My sweet little iPhone apps will keep me company on the flight and camping.  Yes, I’m taking my tech camping.  No, I won’t leave them behind.  Quiet.  Oh!  Flashlight!!

Man, I’m even taking knitting camping.  I found myself packing an extra bag of WOOL and realized, wtf, it’s summer!!  You can’t knit wool in summer: the gauge gets all off as you sweat.  😉  Hehe.


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