1) Product rollouts kinda blow.  The 3G phone isn’t even my product and it’s still crazy in my work life.

2) No, no, that’s pretty much it.

Too much work to knit or even WoW.  *gasp*  And I have a shiny email all drafted up to propose a stepped up raiding schedule to push for fancy content before Lich King (which, in my current stupor I have now typoed as Luch King and Lick King.  He is forever more El Luchalicking, one damn fine patron saint).  Anyway, so much for that idea, as I don’t even have time to fall over dead tired, much less come up with an awesome way to coordinate 25 people’s schedules who only want to raid at certain times.  And also, tiny after dinner mints.  They’re delicious and refreshing, and it’s just uncivilized to raid unrefreshed.

HEY LIFE, CAN EVERYTHING ASPLODE AT ONCE?  Well sure!  Here, take this pile of work after weeks of no movement.  Oh, it’s due 24 hours earlier than you thought, kthxbai.

Here, your house offer has been rejected, no accepted.  Yes, accepted.  You have a week to get your ducks in a row.  Oh, you’re going out of town for 3 weeks in less than a week?  Well, you have until you leave then, then.  If that’s too fast, you can just hope the house is still around in 3 weeks.

Here, the house you’re trying to sell won’t get enough for you to break even on it in this market. That’s ok, you can totally eat the mortgage for a few months while the economy continues to tank.

What?  You want more?  Ok, your stupid overactive brain can keep running until 4am, when you finally give in and crunch numbers for a budget that will work iff you get 2 roommates and a street corner.  They’ll need street corners, too.

Oh, hey, you remember that speeding ticket you got a few months ago?  Yeah, so you were supposed to take defensive driving and you put it off: here, take this online course and proceed to want to rip your own eyes out from horrible boredome and awfulness.  You’ll have to get that to the stupid courthouse in the BFE town where you got the ticket, too.  Good luck, and may the postal mail have mercy!

You still want more?  Well, ok.  Your murloc hat is too small. Did you know that already?  Well damn, lady.  I can’t help ya.


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