Resto -> Balance -> Feral and tanked ZA

Le woot!  I had decent caster gear (resto and balance) and 250 badges and a couple T4 token turn ins (ouch, did i have 3 tokens just sitting around??) et voila!  A new bare tank was born.

Mission the first: tank Kara.  No sweat.  It was a slower run than usual, right around 3 hours.  But a full clear nonetheless, and finally the stupid gloves dropped from Curator.  Thanks, man.  I hadn’t just gotten my S4 arena gloves or anything.  *eyeroll*

Mission the second: tank some more Kara and then move on to ZA.  /fail.  Yeah, so… the tanks couldn’t come to ZA tonight.  Can you tank?  Uh.. sure!  We only made the eagle timed event and wiped on the bear boss due to an extraordinarily bad turn of events: silence + healer DC.  Wow, you can’t make that stuff up.  Oh well, trinkets only mitigate so much when you are getting no heals.  Still, full clear and one-shot the rest of the joint.

That’s right!  What’s my name! BARE!


One thought on “Resto -> Balance -> Feral and tanked ZA

  1. Oh, and then this one time, they had me MT kara as the only tank, oh and we got R&J opera event. Yeahhhhhh. Let’s never speak of it again.

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