Bummer. Bye, George.

Man.  If I had a famous twisted old man to look up to, it’d have to be him.  I remember finding a super warped (pun intended) record of him when I was a kid.  I’d listen to it until the warp got the best of it.  It was somewhere around the douche/underleg deoderant part.  🙂

Well, hooray for YouTube for having the 7 dirty words.  I won’t embed that in case you’re at work or simply can’t stand dirty language.  My language.  Anyway, that clip (linked) is actually the 1978 recap of his list.  I actually like the CNN coverage, which has his reaction after being arrested for indencency.  Even then he’s wicked clever in his response.

Ah, blue food!  I hope he’s somewhere eating his elusive blue food.  Sorry you didn’t find it sooner, George.  Maybe it really does bestow immortality.

It’s appropriate that I find out about his death this morning, since I’m flying today.  Every time I get on a plane I think “Fuck you!  I’m getting IN the plane!  Let the daredevils get ON the plane.”


One thought on “Bummer. Bye, George.

  1. yeah, George Carlin moving on got to me to . . . it was his rant about “stuff” that I’ve always remembered . . .

    and I love the name of your blog! Geekcrafting . . . that rocks. And World of Wifecraft? I’ve got to check that out . . . anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog, er, last week!

    Warmly, Bridget

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