Another day of dailies

This time the daily fishing was in HFP/SMV. Felblood Fillet.

From Shat I headed immediately towards the Pools of Aggonar to fish. Directly in line with that path, eventually, is the Throne of Kil’Jaeden. I hit up those two dailies, too. After 17 minutes, I’d flown to the pools, fished, flown to the Throne, and completed the quests.

Here’s what you need to know about them: you’ll get a quest item for Blast the Gateway. It’s a little spark thingy. Use it right away to release a companion for yourself. It grows every time you kill a fire elemental. I hear you can snipe off other people’s kills, but that super blows. Don’t be a douche. Once little sparky turns yellowish and big (his name will say “unstable”), he’s ready to go back to the portal near the quest giver. Stand inside the portal thingy and click sparky again. Actually, you may not have to click the item. I got credit for it from a party member and I’m not sure if it was just them being in the doorway or what.

Blood for Blood is kind of a drop quest, but the item, demon blood, drops every time you kill one of the felguard looking guys. Then go click the other item you got, some green blob thing. If you have a blood in your inventory when you click your quest item, it “weakens” the quest mob (initiates); they were the only other mob I saw, humanoid types. It aggros them and you kill them. 4 of them.

So basically, use sparky, kill 7-8 fire elementals, kill felguards for 4 bloods, and use the other quest item to aggro and kill 4 of the initiates wandering around. 10.10g + 12g + ~6g for the fishing = 18g in 17min.

Also, 4 fire motes for my trouble.

Flew to NS and did Manalicious (cooking) and the Sunfury Attack Plans. The plans took a while to drop, so that travel and questing time was 19 min. Of course, I turn these quests in later, but they amount to about 10g.

Flew to BEM then, skipped the mana cells, and thought I’d do the demon banishing quest with my usuals. Mistake. Ditched it at 5 of 15 demons and finished up the others within 20min. Relic’s Emanation, Wrangle more Rays, and Bomb them Again. 9.10g + 12g + 12g = 33g in 20min (should have been less if I’d not taken the demon quest)

Took the free taxi down to Skettis while I got some refreshments.

Skettis was just the one bombing quest, which took 3 minutes for 12g.

Over to the Shadowmoon Valley island for the Booterang, Netherwing Crystals, Picking up the Pieces, and Dragons are the Least of our Problems quests. 36 min for over 50g.

Hearthed to Shatrath and ported to the Island. 69g in 30min. Rinsed and repeated the Isle quest on an alt. I also flew over to do the goggles quest in Nagrand while I waited for a party member at one point. 10g.

Total gold today: 270g.
Total time today: 155min = 2.5hr.

The quests took a bit longer today: the Sunfury plans didn’t drop right away, I mucked around trying to figure out the Throne dailies, the demons in BEM were wasted moments, and I kept running off the planked walkways in the SMV cave. Just dumb stuff that added up. It’ll be interesting to see how this averages out.

T-500g until my second epic flier.


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