Daily quest path

My route for dailies, which works out to be about 2.75g/min over about 1.75hr. The table is a quick glance, then down below I detail out last night’s path, including motes and extras I found along the way.

Activity Time (in min.) Reward
Travel from Shat to Nagrand Lake 1
Fishing: The One That Got Away. 4 varies
Fly to the spirit fields. 1
Multiphase Survey* 2 10.10g
Fly to Shadowmoon Valley 7
Picking up the pieces Dragons are the least of our problems* 15 18.28g
Booterang: A Cure for the Common Peon
Netherdust Pollen
15 12g
Accepting all Eggs found
Totals in this area: 37 min 54g
Fly up to Skettis 3
Fires Over Skettis*
Revenge is Tasty
4 12g
Use free flight to BEM 4
Bomb Them Again!*
Wrangle More Aether Rays*
9 9g
Relic’s emanation 2 9g
Totals in this area: 21 min 33g
Fly to Bashir’s landing 1
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal 10 10.10g
Fly to Netherstorm 2
Sunfury Attack Plans varies 10.10g
Hearth to Shattrath
Totals in Outland: 76 min 143g
Port to Isle 1
Arm the Wards varies 9.10g
Further Conversions* 5 9.10g
Taking the Harbor* 5 12g
The Battle Must Go On* 5 10.10g
Know your Ley Lines* 5 12g
The Airstrikes Must Continue* 5 9.10g
Intercept the Reinforcements* 5 7.59
Total on Isle: 30 min 69g
Grand total: 106 min 288g

Non-tabular version:

Round ’em all up in Shatrath. 2 minutes.

Always collect herbs for Gaining the Advantage: 16.39g

Travel from Shat to Nagrand Lake, 1min.
Fishing: The One That Got Away. 4 min. Also got 6 motes of water and some various fish. 12 motes total. 6g in a grab bag.
Additional minute flight to the spirit fields.
Multiphase Survey (Goggles)*. 2 min. 10.10, Sunwell supplies, 250 SSO rep

Fly across Terokkar and down to Shadowmoon Valley 7 min flight, plus 5 herbs and 3 dusts along the way.

Picking up the pieces: 15 min, with dragons quest: 18.28, 350 rep
Dragons are the least of our problems*: 12g, 350 netherwing rep, a few crystals for Netherwing Crystals.
Booterang: A Cure for the Common Peon: 12g, 350 rep
Netherdust Pollen: 12g 250 rep, 4 mana motes
Accepting all Eggs, found: 250 rep

Fly up to Skettis 3min flight
Fires Over Skettis*: 12g, 350 Shatari Skyguard rep. 4 min quest
Revenge is Tasty: 7.59 and grab bag (I keep warp burgers on hand for this cooking quest)

Use free flight to BEM: 4min
Bomb Them Again!* 12g, 15 Apexis shards, 500 Skyguard rep, 500 Ogri’la
Wrangle More Aether Rays* 12g, 15 shards, 350 each rep, 9 min for both quests
Relic’s emanation 2min 9g, 15 shards, 350 Ogri’la rep

Fly to Bashir’s landing and do: 1 min flight
Maintaining the Sunwell Portal: 10.10, 250 SSO rep, supplies, 10 min 1/2 primal mana

Fly to Netherstorm and do: 2 min
Sunfury Attack Plans: 10.10, supplies, 250 SSO rep, time varies (2 min this round)

Gold and time thus far: 143g, ~75 min.

Hearth to shat, turn in, sell, and portal to the Island and do: 30 min
Arm the Wards: roughly 10 min unto itself. Way more with a group. 9.10g, 150 rep
Further Conversions*: 9.10g, 150 rep
Taking the Harbor*: 12g, 250 rep
The Battle Must Go On*: 10.10, 250rep
Know your Ley Lines*: 12g, 250
The Airstrikes Must Continue*: 9.10, 150rep
Intercept the Reinforcements* 7.59, 250 rep

Turn in and use scroll to port back to shat. Repeat on alt(s). 69g and 30 min.

Total gold: 288g
Total time: ~105 min (Let’s call it 1 3/4 hours.)
Total extras: 3 greens in supplies, 2 green drops, 9 mana motes, 6 water motes, random cloth and vendor trash.

~2.75g/min plus extras.

*Group credit (aka: dual box and put your alt on follow)


2 thoughts on “Daily quest path

  1. Glad to hear it! Hm. Looks like I need to update that for the new content that has come out. But I haven’t done dailies in forever now that I got my alt his epic flier!

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