New WoW stuff

Magister’s Terrace:  well, it’s neat.  Pretty, new, shiny.  Kinda sucks to fly to, especially for Alliance.  Hooray for Horde!  The bosses get progressively more interesting, and the cut scene is awesome — and repeatable!  Is it just my guild calling it MrT?  Lately they’re calling for groups with simply “I pity da foo!”  Laugh or cry, I know not which.

New dailies are always good.  It’s sad my beloved fishing will become the thing now, but oh well.  It had to become viable at some point.  Maybe it’ll still be too boring for most people to level, though.

Meantime, here’s something real-world WoW:  a laser-etched computer with the dark portal!  Too awesome.  Way to go, Austin Laser Art!


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