JoCo and Popular Science

Huh. I mean, I knew he was a hit with teh nerdz, but Popular Science? Wow. Go, JoCo!

Cocktail Party Science: Jonathan Coulton, Live at SXSW

That’s a link to the page that intros a podcast from last week.

Edit:  well, color me a troglodyte.  Evidently it’s been quite some time that JoCo’s been the “contributing troubador” over at PopSci.  I’ll admit, I didn’t even know that, apart from the short domain name, Popular Science is known as PopSci.  I saw JoCo play at the PopSci party at SXSW.  I stared at PopSci banners.  Nope, still didn’t get it.  Double you. Tee.  Eff, Nim.  Sheesh.


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