Great idea; no time

I once more, as with the murloc and brain hats, have a great idea for a hat.  However, I have no time to do it.  Now that I no longer commute to work (zomg!) I don’t have a set time of day wherein I pretty much can’t do anything _but_ knit.  So.  What to do.

Well, tomorrow is only day 4.  I think my schedule, excitement, and flightiness will all settle down after this week.  A bit.

Ok, I’ll still be flighty.

Anyway, it is an extremely simple hat, and one that I could knit up in a snap.  Finding appropriate yarn is a tad of a challenge, but not terrible.  I think I could whip it up this weekend, actually.  Shoot.  I owe a murloc hat to a friend.  Well, it’s too warm to wear em anyway!  😀

I simply must get this idea from heads to hands.


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