SXSW Screenburn, JoCo, and brains

The former two rotted the latter.

So tired. But happy.

Great concert by JoCo at Emo’s after the SXSW Web Awards. But please people: give the man a longer set! The place cleared out after he went off the stage. Tee hee.


Also, here’s another nerdcore tattoo: one I saw at Screenburn (the arcade) at SXSW:

I don’t know why it’s sideways. I don’t care to change it as I browse away the time before the first day of my new job*. Suffice to say that I pressed this button and asked the guy “does this turn you on?” OMG, lame. Yeah, I truly am an überdork.

*I woke up an hour earlier than even my old work time required, which is itself an hour earlier than this new job requires. That’s two hours early. It’s pouring down rain and of course I’m all stupid about my hair right now. My hair? Like I’ve ever worried about it a day in my life? Well, today’s the day I take a pic for the badge I will very proudly wear for, I hope, years to come! 😀

And p.s.: Braaaaains!


2 thoughts on “SXSW Screenburn, JoCo, and brains

  1. *giggle* I wish I’d been there so we could have tag teamed him. “Ohoh, my turn to turn him off!”

    Congratsamongous on your new job, lovely! We must celebrate. Happy hour this Friday, perhaps?

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