Gear check

I’ve been making sweet pixellated love to this site all day:


It scores your gear and estimates where your gear would allow you to compete, instance-wise. Only works for 70’s. It sucks a tiny bit as it “penalizes” you for pvp specs, gear, and gems, but oh well. I still maintain that feral charge is a must-have for druid tanking or off-tanking.

Anyway, it’s amazing, and it is a nice reference to see at a glance which pieces you’ve forgotten to enchant. For me it was “oh yeah. I was grinding mats for that enchant.” Obviously I have some work to do, but since my guild is only working on SSC and TK, I’m actually right where I need to be, although improvements are not actively underway, since I have this sweet sweet instant gratification graph to compulsively compare.


One thought on “Gear check

  1. I always love those totally useless armory check thingies 😉
    However, there still are a few funny things as you pointed out as well: I.e. the 20 spell penetration cloak for magic-dds is considered a “wrong” enchant – it does have its merits though (yes, raid mobs also may have resistances…)

    The focus on PvE does make sense, since you would hardly ask for which raid instances you may raid with pvp gear!

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