Anti-Valentine’s Day

I’m seeing this more and more lately. Well, good for all of us, bucking the system and telling Hallmark where they can shove it. Of course, they’ll come out with a card for that, too, I’m sure.

Meantime, allow me to wax nostalgaic about my friend Matt’s parties where he used to request no one bring dates, and he’d also order snarky conversation hearts. He started my awareness of anti v-day celebration, and I tip my hat to him. So, some other items of similar interest:



valentine_pillow_bitemea.jpgOf course, I also found a tutorial for the aforementioned make-your-own candy conversation hearts over on Evil Mad Scientist.

And this anatomic cupcake bleeder featured on Craftzine. I really like the frosted veins. I thought about making some red-hot mushroom cupcakes the other day. No, nothing to do with V-day. I’m just hungry.

In the world of crafting, something about this little black flaming skull heart made me think “crash and burn, maverick”. From Cut out and Keep.

I found an awesome black, felt anatomical heart. It was so cool and rotty. But of course, since I didn’t run straight here and save the link, it is now gone forever. Google has failed. Re-reading through all my blogs has failed. EPIC FAIL!

At least I re-found Dominitrix‘s knitted conversation heart pillow.

If you really want to see another list, Neatorama has a nice one of anatomical heart gifts he’d like to get. He even links the bleeding cupcakes.

Awesome! As I finished up this post to go scavage some V-day junkfood, someone came right to my desk with a conversation heart. Speak of the devil. I should post about looking for piles of money lying around, too.

candyheart.jpg “URA 10” . Well thank you!


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