Snowboarding hat

While my ideas were all being carried out by other people, I was finishing this bad boy up, hoping to ship it off before snowboarding season ends.

It looks cool but weighs easily 4 pounds. I hope my sis-in-law’s little neck can support it. If she falls snowboarding, it doubles as a helmet. I love this yarn, but it must be the first time I’ve 1) worked with yarn as big as a pencil and 2) worked with real wool. The two are a deadly combo for weight. Well, that and cables.

Anyway, it’s done. When it will be mailed, I do not know. Hey, since my ideas are all so powerful as to embed themselves into other people’s minds for them to do, I’ve got this great idea for a portal/warp system. eh? … Eh? I’ll give that a few minutes to sink in.

I found this hat on Ravelry (Snowboarder hat that rocks!) but if you’re not on it, you can find the pattern at the originating site, We Do Not Have a Knitting Problem.


2 thoughts on “Snowboarding hat

  1. Love the hat! Cute style & the yarn colors you chose are beautiful. Are you serious about using it as a helmet? 😉

    (p.s. found the post via Google Alert set up for snowboarding, in case ur wondering) Cheers!

  2. Heh, no. But the thing is indeed mighty. I bet it could dampen some impact, for sure. You can almost knock on it like wood, though, so… who knows how dangerous it might be to the wearer! 🙂

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