Skulls, procrastination, and resolution

For the love of  Mike!

Seriously.  I have like 2 projects to churn out — hats, even! — and then it was on to my skullgyle sweater, based on  this.  I was all psyched, drew out a pattern for the skull and crossbones to intersect like argyle, then wear it on out for the world.  And today I see this.


Son of a…  You know what, Moth Heaven?  That looks freaking awesome. Freaking.  But did you have to do that?  I mean really.  I’d like to get one single stinking original idea out before someone else does it.  I have so little.   You have so much.

Well, today’s the day.  I woke up too late to gather up the yarn for the ol’ commute, but guess what’s happening tonight while we down Hydross again?  That’s right.  Nimmy’s knitting.   And during work? Aw yeah.  That pattern be getting writ!


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