Full clear!

After hearing much of it, from just about every single guildie, I finally saw my first full clear of Kara.  Nevermind that I’ve been exalted there forever.  Nevermind that I run it every week.  Why have I not seen a full clear?  Why did I not believe my guildies were actually doing them as they said?  Meh.  Bad luck mainly.

But at any rate, we did.  Got my T4 helm to boot, and TI’s stranglestaff.  Hilariously (to me), I only had my shoulders.  Who gets Gruul’s buddies’ loot before they get the Prince?  Annnyway..  2 hours and 33 minutes of a full clear.  Well, not beast boss.  But from what I hear, he give no badges anyway.  22 badges in 2.5 hours!!  Yay!


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