So first of all, booties. Super cute, but I really hated all the little bits: sewing in the ends, adding the buttons and loops.. In fact, the white pair are just all crazy unfinished still, cause dag. That shi’ be annoying.

The black and red one has a little button and is maryjane styled with the strap. The white ones are lower down. They were my prototypers. I figured I’d give them to a newborn boy, cousin to the recipient of the brown and red ones. This assumes I ever finish them. Le ugh. I made the single black one after realizing the white prototypes wouldn’t fit the 3 month old recipient. So along came the black one. Which also didn’t fit. OK, fine. Brown, coming up. I finally finished its mate last week, and I’d made the straps super long. My mom had the genius idea to just sew them down rather than have the parents fiddle with buttons. Whew. Good for all of us. The dad said thanks for that, too. šŸ™‚

Oh, all these booties were from Saartje’s Bootes pattern. I have since found another pattern at Sock Pixie, which has no straps at all, and evidently is knit in the round to avoid all those ends. Whew. I’ll try that next time I get a hankering for teh cuteness.

Oh oh! I think I’ll also make an adult pair of the mary janes. I think this pattern should work. I found that on Ravelry.

So on to wishlist booties: I found these cuties at I’m totally making these sewn guys! Wish I’d done this instead of knitted booties, but they were still fun. I’m getting the point now that I think maybe sewing would yield quicker (instant-er?) gratification than knitting.

Anyway, these little guys are just way too cute and I bet could be put together with scraps and leftovers. That is THE best.

I’ll keep knitting, I know, I know. I have to finish Rachel’s snowboarding hat before it stops snowing where she lives.

AND I have one more super funtabulous hat to do before I put my needles down. This one’s gonna rock non-stop. Oh, and time permitting: finish brain hat.


One thought on “Booties!

  1. I agree with you on the weaving in of all the ends. I modified the saartje booties to be knit in the round. If you’d like a copy, please email me. I love the way the saartje booties look, but didn’t want to weave in all the ends.
    Happy Knitting.
    Sam Qureshi

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