Sock monkey hat progress

Sock monkey hat progress

Originally uploaded by Nimcraft

The eye of monkey never sleeps.

This sucker has taken on its own life! I started with the pattern as it appeared in knitty and I blogged here at one point. However, the knitty pattern used gigantor yarn and also some way of using two ends of one ball of yarn. Maybe it’s the allergy-induced stupor (and yay, perfect timing to have no mental capacity and a nose looking like a coke head’s the day before dream-job interview) but I couldn’t figure it out. So I did my on thing 100 stitches in smallish and normal yarns. 2*2 ribbing, as close to intarsia colors as I’ve ever come, and short rows for he red mouth, so it’ll poof out a bit there. Suffice to say those first 20 rows or so took quite some time for me to figure out.

Now if I’d just made my bus today I could have made some more progress!


2 thoughts on “Sock monkey hat progress

  1. Please don’t give up, I’m trying to figure this one out as well. Great job so far. I have also in the past seen monkey gloves. Adorable.

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