Mitts of the Treemendously Big


Originally uploaded by Nimcraft

I just like that item name: Mitts of the Treemender. I think I have those mitts, too, but wear arena gloves instead. Annnyway, I knitted up the mitts — fingerless mittens basically — based on a pattern from ravelry. Linky soon!

These things are gargantuan. Comfy, just dadgummed gigantor. Well, it’s why you get with huge yarn and huge needles. Go figure. I sized them down a bit already, and i’ve started playing with gague more since the mitts. I think the 2-2 ribbing makes it extra springy big and this yarn, I’ve noticed,loses its spring once sprung. Ugh. Words hard today.

Late flight (with successful adorable booties) and no sleep makes Nim something something…


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