Cool idea for online friends

…or are otherwise separated by distance. That could be lots more, but I was mainly thinking of (what else?) WoW, which fosters lots of online friends — and lovers. This photo idea is just a neat way to seemingly reduce the miles between, and looks cool to boot.


So these two friends live 3151 miles apart. So they decided to post pics of their mornings for a year (both morning people). They then posted the pics side-by-side. Cute. It doesn’t hurt that they’re both photographers, as is vitally obvious at a glance through the site,

I’ve asked a west coast and a german friend to join me in this. I think it’d be fun! We’ll prolly end up doing something like lunch or feet or something else that can be sometime _not_ morning. Lunch would work, since Germany is 7 hours ahead or me and the west coast 2 hours behind. That’d mean by 9pm our German friend could see, for instance, all our pics of lunchtime.


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