Bracers of sumpin’r’other

I’m going to knit a pair of bracers/gloves. Oh yes, I will. All I have to do is decide which in-game items I want to mimic. I thought about the T(x) sets. Gloves of the Incarnate seem ok, if I could get a decent look at a pair. Voidheart, ditto. Cataclysm looks cool, if I wanted orange/red gloves. Deathmantle is the right color. Hm. Maybe Gloves of the Tempest. At least I have a mage. I’d totally be posing with the other designs.

I have a few options set up for patterns. All of them would be knitted much longer up my arm. That would effectively double the length given in the pattern, I’m sure! Kicking around these:

daisyhands.jpg or these (for the ruffle) hands.jpg.
But likely these, cause they’re chunky and look most like my belf’s hands when he wears gloves:

2022106910_3d9636c9f9.jpg or these even-fatter piano mitts chunky_piano_gloves.jpg

Stripeys from PurlBee, ruffly pink from Classic Elite Yarns, chunky belf gloves from Spindle and Wheel, made by aemmelia, and piano mitts by Michele B,


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