iPhone cozy: finished!

I would take a picture of my iPhone nestled sweetly inside, but alas, I must use my phone to take a picture. Ah, great ironies.

So it’s finished. Things i would have done differently (will do differently next time):
bigger needles. size 3 blow.
narrower sleeve.
worked a pattern/monogram, sumpin into it.
blocked the square before sewing together.
matched the seam better
not twisted the stitches in the ribbon portion.

Things I managed to like about it:
I can’t get enough of this yarn!
twisting the knits only gave it a kinda tweedy look
ribbon lacing worked out nicely.
it’s reversible!
A guildie (Timmah!) mentioned she’d like a hearthstone coinpurse. I think it’d make a good emblem on a phone case, too.


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