Altered reality crafting


high-owl-cookies.jpg I love My Paper Crane, although I just thought it was a gimmick that so many of her cute her crafts were of foods.  Foods all crazy pepped up.  Milks tripping, all glassy eyed and pupils dilated.  Imaginary beasts drinking trippy milk. *

Nevermind the random object like toilets, toilet paper, airplanes, etc.  Don’t get me wrong:  I adore it.  I idolize it.  I think I even blogged on a tofu with a cute face someone else made, which is seriously reminiscent of her crafts.  I wish I could be half as creative, productive, and talented as she is.  No, one quarter.  One fifth.

And then  I kinda put a few things together and have a whole new savvy of it all.  At first, it was just a pun. Visually, and known only to me.  I giggled madly at:

Rocky.  Mountain.  High.  Seriously!  At first I thought that was simply clever.  And it is.  And then…


In Soviet Russia, mushrooms get high on  you.

*These are totally my own opinions.  MPC does not, to my knowledge, condone a certain lifestyle or any altered realities.  As far as I can tell, the world is just alive to her and objects smile happily to see her. Plus, it’s ironic as heckfire to craft a toilet paper roll and toilet.  That’s just funny! Please take this post in the same jokey, ironic manner as her crafts.


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