Distractions a la yarn sale and iphone

Wow. So, ok. Thursday began a sale at the local yarn store. Big mistake. I went there at lunch Thursday and loaded up. I went there the next day with a friend and loaded up more. I put back a couple things I’d walked around with, but she then purchased for herself anyway. She had the shifty eye toward em… Then Saturday I made sweet love to Ravelry and Crafster.org, looking at awesome projects and yarn stashes. This is getting sick. Then that same friend and I went bead shopping Saturday, where I once more went crazy with the can-makes. I have great ideas, I am just not sure I’ll get to them.

Then, the iPhone. Oh sweetness and light. I activated it and now am lost in its slick time-sucking glory. I ran back to the yarn shop again TODAY to get a few more balls of a particular close-out yarn (just a few more, man. I just need a fix!) and got home to begin knitting what else? An iPhone cozy.


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