Hilarious comment whose effort baffles me

First of all, I should say that this is my personal blog. I post things that I think are good or fun ideas, usually crafty things that I want to make sometime. I often post things that amuse me, like my silly WoW items or photoshopped screenshots. I like to play WoW. I like to have fun with my friends. I like to laugh at people, and sometimes even toy with them in general chat (convo continues here) in WoW, who are egregiously rude, letting them entertain me rather than annoy me.

Someone named Ray took the time to leave a comment, but it’s so laden with misplaced frustration it’s actually hilarious.
Ray | darkforce282@yahoo.com | yahoo.com | IP:

“Dude god damit a WoW item generator is to pick an item and get it in WoW free not to put it on a shirt jesus christ”

Where to begin… let’s see. First, he left out all sorts of curse words. I mean really! He went to the trouble of trying to offend me in many ways, so the least he could do is go the full distance. Second, this is not the Barrens, so the lack of all common sense and punctuation (nevermind courtesy) is a bit jarring. Oh, right. People are just as dumb and rude online. Third, wow item generators and creators — the ones for cheating and the ones for entertainment — are named interchangeably, as far as I can tell. I didn’t even know the cheaty one existed until I did a search for one on the heels of his comment. And anyway, I’m pretty sure what he asks for is against Blizzard’s terms of service, but heck, it’s his ban. If he cares to get removed, allow me to help. I’ve embedded the YouTube video about what is CLEARLY what he wants, and confirms to me that that’s not within rules. Oh, and they label it both creator and generator in the video, so nyah nyah.

I’ve come to realize from my stint hosting an online show that there are lots and lots of these types of folks, especially in the gamer world, which dips into teen angst at a prodigious rate. Verbal abuse and e-peening are very common. Anyway, here’s to terms of service breaches! We can’t regulate rudeness, but we can usher this one rude guy to his ban faster, and mock him along the way.


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