Happy day to you

Well, it’s not too late for me to simply enjoy the day with family and friends. I have realized, however, thanks in part to a blog post at The Compact, that even though I tried to give useful and “green” gifts, even though I wrapped them in stuff that won’t just be thrown away, they’re still things that I gave because I had to, not because I wanted to. This doesn’t mean that I gave unwillingly, per se. It simply means this: if I hadn’t been under a deadline to give gifts (hence, last-minute), would I have given them at all? Would I have given that gift? Usually, no.

For some people I felt compelled to shop for, they got gifts because I knew they’d be there when the rest of the family was opening gifts. I thought they’d feel bad, and thought I would as well, if nothing was there to them from me.

At Thanksgiving this year, I gave my niece a hat I’d made. It was just a hat. But it was cute on her, and I enjoyed making it. That’s what I’d like to do, instead of binding all my gifts to one day. I’d like to give something because I thought of the recipient when I saw it (or saw a pattern or yarn or whatever). Of course, I also knew that her little head could use a hat, especially since as the third child she’s not crazy laden with gifts of clothing.

Anyway, I made it.  I liked doing it.  I felt compelled by nothing other than the joy of seeing that little inverted tulip on her little toddler head.

I’m just going to try to keep that in mind all this year, rather than try to hurry and shop for folks, just to have something for them at an appointed time.  It’s silly.  It’s also THE MAN trying to tell me what to do, and I hate that.  😉  Stubbornitude, hooooooo!

So, happy day this day and every day.  Carpe diem.  Live it up.  And for me, I’ll try not to equate that with gifting it up.


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