gingerbread architecture, ginger-tree huggers, and tree brains

Ya gotta see these gingerbread dwellings. Buildings. Structures. LaLa a GoGo posted them on Flickr, and they make me giddy with the idea of Mulgorian gingertents, Darnassian treebreads*, and undead, um, cookies. Hey, at least now all those broken bits of cookies, amputated cut-outs, and busted down cakes can have an application: broken down undead homes and bits!

Also, we made some gingerbread houses during the Great Gift-Giving of 2007. The MIL’s is in front, then the 2 nieces, and in back is the SIL’s. They “pasted” graham crackers onto empty milk cartons with icing, then of course added candy bits!

Also, is hosting a “sustainable” gingerbread contest. Lol. Sounds hilarious and yet useful. The image from that site cracks me up non-stop. I mean, look at the adoration on that guy’s face! Priceless.  Update: there is also a 2008 competition!

Should be fun! After a quick google, this seems like the first year for this kind of thing, except for one article at Cornell last year. From the Cornell Chronicle online:

*”Treebread” makes me think heavily of “treebrain,” which is the, um, brainchild of Seriously. Go look. It’s an obsession worth spying on. Maybe I could bake a treebrain cake or something. Lol.


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