Bags as gifts.

And after reading through the rest of the Sustainablog entry I blogged about the other day, there’s this nugget of wisdom:”Do your part this holiday season and try to use less wrapping. Try using bags that can be reused every year or wrapping your presents with old newspapers that can be recycled when presents are opened. Or, here is a novel idea: just buy less stuff this year.” Too right.

I’ve already decided to give bags as gifts this year. Oh, it’s not that bad. I’ll even post some of them. Some will be WoW-themed (16-slot bag, anyone?), some will be plain-jane canvas, some plastic (fused as well as knitted), some will be simple wraps, and then some will be hand-painted paper. I still have a painted paper-bag wrapping that a friend gave to me one year, inside of which was a matted print. I hung the print on my wall in college, right next to the brown-paper wrapping with my friend’s one-of-a-kind artwork. I liked her work of art better in the end. I’ll post that if I can find it.


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