Huh.  When web languages and knitting collide: KnitML.

I salute its nerdiness, but I guess I don’t quite get the application. Still.  We who are about to (geekily) knit salute you!

Here’s an excerpt from the KnitML sock pattern:

<pattern xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=”pattern.xsd”>

<name>Basic socks</name>
<description>A basic sock pattern with 2×2 ribbing</description>

<gauge type=”stockinette”>
<stitch-gauge unit=”in”>8</stitch-gauge>
<row-gauge unit=”in”>12</row-gauge>





<yarn type=”Lorna’s Laces” subtype=”Shepherd Sock” weight=”fingering” catalog-id=”33032″>
<total-length unit=”yd”>330</total-length>
<total-weight unit=”g”>250</total-weight>
<ball-weight unit=”g”>50</ball-weight>
<color name=”watercolor” description=”” number=”233″/>


3 thoughts on “KnitML

  1. Gee, you left off the most interesting part: the content! 🙂

    The basic idea is to be able to express knitting patterns in a metamodel that a computer can understand and run an algorithm through. Additionally, I hope that it will serve as an interchange format for new and existing knitting software.

  2. I linked to the whole of your pattern, which is extremely cool. For me, though, this part was easiest for me to understand so I kept it for my own enjoyment. 🙂 Awesome job on that!!

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