WoW item generator revisited

Ah, cosmic tumblers have clicked together once more, and caused me to delve back into the WoW Item Generator.

What do you get when you:

1) Receive this item in-game:

2) and then see this felted cuff online?

One is simply forced to delve into the world of item generators and make this (although admittedly I waffled between cloth and leather for the make. In the end I thought I’d go with the real-world Gwar-wear, and hit leather. The inspirations were, of course, lint and felted wool (lint), so… meh. I coulda gone either way.):

As another note on bracers, cuffs, and felting, I also saw these awesome cuffs on Etsy, which I wish to make for myself in the likeness of some awesome in-game bracers (cause they’re pretty):


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