Ravelry beta makes Nimmy ramble on

I made it into the beta for Ravelry last week then, true to form, got so caught up in bookmarking, blogging about, and otherwise drooling over future projects and ideas that I quickly forgot to post about it.

I’m Nimcraft on Ravelry.  Nim was taken.  Boo.

Let geekcrafting hit the Ravelry streets!  Let the nerds, geeks, and dorks of the crafting world overrun the site!  Muhahahahahaaa!

I have put up one WIP project, my brain hat.  Sadly, I finished it over the weekend… or so I thought.  I had made the “base hat” with a pattern that seemed pretty vanilla, which I then vanillaed down further.  And used chunky yarn.  And size 15 needles. A perfect storm of TOO LARGE, writ across the knitting firmament, yet I somehow failed to see the signs.

The “hat” was more like a jellyfish, sans tentacles, which sat upon my head and mocked my swatch-testless laissez-faire attitude.  I unravelled the whole thing and it will have to wait again until I’m done with this week’s round of raiding.  Happily, I only have one raid this week so the brain holds a fighting chance.  A boomkin’s chance at that.

Dag.  I have to go grind for Karazhan tonight.  /flits away.  Bbl.


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