Creepy in a good way. I think.

Huh. Now this is interesting, and finally a craft I will leave to the artist.

It’s definitely thought-provoking. I think she’s just having fun (this pic is of a bracelet called “giggles”, so it’s pretty tame). Some comments are that this is “sick”, but I don’t know. I mean, if you think of the hundreds of cut-up barbie faces, then yeah. That’s a little creepy to imagine. But maybe if I were making, say, a collage of smiling faces for a scrapbook or something, then seeing a million magazine pages with the faces cut out (only) might seem a little off, too. You have to keep it in perspective.

Really, when you get down to it, having a literally plastic image of perfection smiling up at a little, impressionable girl is a lot removing that perfect piece of plastic from its medium and putting it onto, in this case, jewelry. It’s no different than setting a perfectly cut stone into a bezel or something. It’s putting a work of art into a frame, which creates another, different work of art.

Really, when you get down to it, this art is actually not “anti-woman” at all, but anti-barbie (if anything). Heck, I can make anything have a meaning if I think about it too long. And since I have thought about it too long, I think that saying “hey barbie, I’m not going to keep you perfect and on the shelf anymore” brings her down to a more human level. No more an idol, she’s a part of normal life, complimenting a woman’s beauty, as jewelry, rather than making her try to live up to it unrealistically.

ear-ringsI know the artist is not (or doesn’t seem to be) going for the “look what we try to live up to in society” angle, but I can’t help thinking about it, now that that one comment was written. It’s a fun little craft, and I can’t help but love an artist who is (also) a self-described dork: “Ears on your ears is just too silly and ironic not to take advantage of! (I’m a dork, what can I say).”

It’s certainly not your run-of-the mill craft, and I salute her for that. It’s creepy in its own way, but not in a serial killer way. I think. Unless I start thinking of her workshop and the little Hannibal Lectorized barbies not-grinning up from their storage bins.

Anyway, check out her site and decide for yourself. </soapbox>


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