Felt ornaments must be a cosmic wave

Ah, there are so many awesome felt crafts around lately. It’s like the felt gods have sent out a felt message to crafters everywhere. Dare I say… sent out feelers? (No? Felt? Feelers? Bah.) Such good ideas. I’m just going to have to make a bunch for gifts this year. Just hafta.

I mean, look at this! It’s cute, not too holiday-specific, appeals to my hippie-upbringing (Love and flowers embroidered on a dove? Come on!) and is also a modernized-looking adaptation of the stuff my mom and her generation were making. In short, it rules. I can’t imagine it’d take longer than the bread dough ornaments I’ve made in the past, and with 100% less chance of cracking and breaking in future years.

So cute. Oh, and extra points for using cookie cutters as a pattern guide. Love it!

I think I’ll create some with little WoW figures on them. Little felt hunter pets, or maybe just felt icons, like you’re looking inside your backpack. Lol, I think I’ll give a friend of mine a whole bag full of little square felties (like the keychains) that are all item icons from WoW. I tried doing that with cookies one year, anyway. Icing is not a forgiving medium.

Then there are the food felties. And dadgum do I ever love me some sushi. Dad! Gum!


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