Laptop bags and sleeves

Sweet. With the arrival of my awesome Kara B bag yesterday, (which evidently I have bought out since there are no more options for my color anymore, nor in fact for the swirly print at all!) I have also found a couple sleeves I want to make:

Felted laptop cover. Awesome. I saw this on the geekcrafting Flickr stream, which was one of the inspirations for the subject matter of this very blog! Finally, my crafts distilled down to a single, geeky idea! A year ago, when I embraced my inner geek, I had no idea I’d already started tailoring my crafts to that, but dang. There it is.

Anyway, the knitted sleeve is cool, but I’d likely put my own emblem on it, rather than an apple. I mean, how much more advertisement can I give them? None more. That’s how much. And it’ll go to 11, too. I’m thinking leaves. Or … skulls? Or maybe leaves with skulls. If I do skulls, I could embroider a little snake coming out of the mouth like the Deatheater emblem. Not exactly something I want to ally with, but it’d be interesting and fun to do. Funny too, I think. Well, funny to me.

Then I saw this laptop bag, made from a clearance pillow case. How many awesome pillow cases can I find at Goodwill that will have neat stuff like super heroes and pac man and who knows what else on them?? This will rule. However, I think I’ll just make a sleeve for myself. I have a bitchin bag now, ya know. And although it has a padded pocket in it, I wouldn’t mind having an extra sleeve. Or shoot, just having the sleeve to use my old backpack, too.

Incidentally, I highly recommend my pack for any world rompings. It’s the Jansport Mozambique, and if you can find it, get it. It has chest and waist straps that can fold into the back of the pack, along with the straps, so that when you check the bag at the airport they don’t get caught on stuff. It’s got a handle on the side so you can schlep it like a suitcase. It’s also got a daypack that zips on, but only a couple times have I kept them zipped together. I use the daypack daily and the big pack as my suitcase. They’re both within carry-on size, unzipped together. However, If I have to carry that much stuff I just check the big pack. If I’m travelling more than, say, 2 days but less than 10, I feel ok putting the big boy into the overhead bins. More than 2 weeks and forget it. It’s checked. I’m not carrying that thing around longer than I have to. Of course, now we have to check any liquids anyway, so unless you’re planning on using 2.5 ounces of shampoo for your globetrotting, you’ll likely have crap to check anyway. Right up there with your Leatherman or pocketknife.

But I digress. I sleeve would go nicely into my daypack, which has currently been supplanted by my Kara B tote, all shiny and new. I’ve been looking at that sucker online since I got my laptop early this year. Always waiting.. waiting. Well, as birthday/congrats on my new job/congrats on lightening my financial load gift, it’s mine. No vinyl, either. Wheeee!

Man, I need to eat less chocolate if I’m going to have coffee in the morning. Too. Hyper.


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