Stupid daunting first post

I feel like this is a first date.  With the world.  The good news is that there is NO WAY anyone could ever read this first post.  Who knows it’s even here?  So there, pressure’s off.  Turns out the blind first date (duh, you can’t have a blind second date) is actually someone I know.  And dated.  And dumped.

So onward.  This blog’ll pretty much be my daily jolt of “hey, I should read that article” or “that’s cool, I’m going to get that thing.”  I read tons of blogs daily, and sometimes I open 20+ tabs, end up not reading a damned one, and book-marking the lot of them with today’s date.  Sad.   Now I’ll be forced to distill down to just one thing I want to read.  Later.  Well, at least it’ll cut down on little slips of reminder paper, or Mac stickies.  Ok, let’s be real.  This is my last entry.  *sob*

And who wouldn’t want knitted eyeballs gracing their blog as the one and only entry?  Not me.  I wouldn’t not want them.  In fact, here they are.  If cats didn’t hairball up yarn fuzz, I’d replace every one of my cat’s toys with knitted eyeballs.


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