reading through a million blogs kinda rots

i’m gonna do something about it. now that i have less than 40 minutes a day to actually surf and read real-time, i find myself clicking through my 40-50 daily feeds, clicking open the ones i think i’ll want to read, catching up sometimes on multiple entries per day, and then leave my browser open on my laptop so i can covertly read dead pages at work. i tried working without any online time. i did. it’s just not for me. so now, instead of staring blankly at the wall, i’m at least reading. or so i tell myself. 🙂 anyway, i’m going to start posting the most interesting blog entry or two i find each morning or evening. this i do in the hopes that someone else will be able to trust my judgement to find the most interesting posts for them (about crafts, let’s say) that day. i’ll list out which blogs i’m reading, so you can judge for yourself if i’ve picked the winners.


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