My garden today

Something is upside down here. 8′ tall sunflowers (wild)? Check. 1′ tall high corn, tasseling already? Also check. *facepalm* well, at least the deer didn’t eat it.


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Clothing retailers, get a clue

I recently left this feedback on a survey. I reiterate so that my tall sisters can sing it from the mountains with me:

I’m tall* and I’m a girl. I have long arms, long legs, AND a long rise AND broad shoulders. I have boobs that don’t fit under “normal” shirts, even if my shoulders fit. I have hips that don’t fit in men’s jackets, when the rest fits. I hate wearing men’s clothes and their boring colors. I am done with that. I am willing to spend my money on clothes (and bicycles, backpacks, sleeping bags, shoes…) that fit and that are pretty**.

I am these things, and I am not alone.

*Yes, I played basketball. And volleyball.

**But I’ll wear things that don’t fit if they’re pretty and nice to the earth and its inhabitants. :) And I’ll wear the hell outta some Chucks.

Also, I just found out this isn’t something all people have a problem with:


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See ya, Converse. Just kidding.

Well, I thought I would toss out these old black low-tops, but damn if I don’t still love them, even with what I thought would be their replacements: starry high-tops I’m pretty sure have summoned Doctor Who by their very existence. I just have to click my rubber heels together and repeat “I do believe in faster than light travel..I do believe in FTL travel…”




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Freeing mental storage space

Or at least, freeing up virtual mental storage space. Aka ditching my old emails. Why have I kept them for so long? Honestly, I went back to the year 2000 in my Yahoo account. Why? It’s just silly.

Now that cloud storage is so easy (free) to get, it’s simple to just drop photos that I was “saving” in my inbox right into the cloud. Old addresses? Well, after 14 years I wasn’t sure if some were still good, so I replied to the email I’d saved for that purpose. And guess what? It’s better than social media for reconnecting. My friends got direct emails, and one of them even called me up! Imagine that.

As for the “tough” emails from people who gave me hard news or with whom I had rough times, I got rid of them. I felt bad every time I saw the subject line, and I remember the pain enough without the email. Let it go.

So now, here’s where my inboxes sit. According to chats with my friend, I started clearing Yahoo back in the second week of May, and at one point was proud my inbox total was below 1600, and over 1200 unread Yahoo mails. I’m not sure where my Gmail sat, but as it was an emergency “I can’t deal with this many emails” account, I’m gonna guess it wasn’t too bad.

Now I’ve just gotta tackle the bailed-on Gmail account. Yikes.

Hey, pro tip: connecting email accounts to Mail makes finding and deleting emails super simple. For some reason, I’ve never been able to do large find/deletes on web mails. In the Mail app (on Mac), it is just super simple.

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I speak Southerner…

…and my computer knows it. It told me what it was working on the other day:

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.10.51 PM

And then I took a quiz and proved I’m not the only one who knows what Better Than Ezra means when they sing “the devil beats his wife”:

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.51.07 PMThe good news is that although I don’t have much of an accent, myself, my Yankee MBF is getting one. He asked Siri the other day to set a reminder for him to “back up his old computer.” He got “Back up mile Peter.”

Stay klassé, MBF.


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The gap between doing nothing and doing anything

nike_just_do_it_wallpaper_smoke___paintball_effect_by_ryanr08-d4h54qcWhen I heard this TED talk that mentioned a phrase about the gap between doing something versus nothing (at about 5:42), I thought about how doing nothing is far easier, and far more common it seems lately (certainly by me), because it means I won’t fail. It’s for this reason that Failblog has really been rubbing me wrong lately: it’s people just making fun of what other people have gone out and done. And as much as I love the writer behind CakeWrecks, same deal there, too.
I have so many projects planned and none of them done. It’s just plain fear. Consider this article (which seems to be aimed more at women, but anyone can stand to use a bit more confidence and move toward the direction of their own aspirations.):

“Consciously avoid procrastination, at home or at work. Procrastination is usually due to perfectionism or anxiety about not being good enough. Just line up what you have to do and get it done.”

Nike got it right. Just do it.

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Ask yourself

I am really digging this article, particularly these questions:

What is your cosmic elevator pitch?” Mm, just the thought of taking a cosmic elevator makes me love this question. Defining the answer makes me feel like I’m getting closer to discovering that elevator, too.

“What do you love doing that you aren’t doing?” and its sister, “If you had to add something to humanity, what would your contribution be? List at least one. The world doesn’t owe you. You owe the world. The good news is that whatever the answer to this question, you’ll enjoy doing it. “

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