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LFM to look for meaning. Even geeks can change the world, right? Well, giddyup.

Proof to fuel my hatred of clothing

I was gonna fix the title to say “clothing retailers”, but no, I think I’m to the point of hating all clothes and just being a nudist or wearing rags. I’m good with either at this point. But anyway. I’m … Continue reading

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Supernatural obsession

Ok, it’s a little embarrassing to admit, but thanks to every season being available on Netflix, I’m now quite obsessed with Supernatural. It doesn’t help that people have spotted one of the stars here in  my hometown. Following their Twitter accounts … Continue reading

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What exactly are they worshipping there?

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Brace yourself for my exciting life of toilets

Yep. It’s my last day of get-to-do-anything-I-want while MBF is outta town, and what am I doing? You know it: watching toilet videos, mofos! I won’t even apologize. But what I will share (no, not the toilet video) is how … Continue reading

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Foxy Shazam stuck in my head

A break from my crusading for environmental and human egalitarianism. I shall now rock out on my day off. This band is stuck in my head so hard right now. I saw them a couple years ago when they opened for … Continue reading

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Do yourself a favor

Do whatever you need to watch this RIGHT NOW. Or soon anyway. Thank you, Weird Al.

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Mud mailbox=enjoy the week of rain

Yep. I almost-but-didn’t-finish up my adobe (mud) and glass, ahem “mosaic” art mailbox yesterday. Since it is not yet sealed against moisture, and since my mother is likewise building with an unsealed, permeable material on her house, we will all … Continue reading

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