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LFM to look for meaning. Even geeks can change the world, right? Well, giddyup.

Clothing retailers, get a clue

I recently left this feedback on a survey. I reiterate so that my tall sisters can sing it from the mountains with me: I’m tall* and I’m a girl. I have long arms, long legs, AND a long rise AND broad … Continue reading

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See ya, Converse. Just kidding.

Well, I thought I would toss out these old black low-tops, but damn if I don’t still love them, even with what I thought would be their replacements: starry high-tops I’m pretty sure have summoned Doctor Who by their very … Continue reading

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Freeing mental storage space

Or at least, freeing up virtual mental storage space. Aka ditching my old emails. Why have I kept them for so long? Honestly, I went back to the year 2000 in my Yahoo account. Why? It’s just silly. Now that cloud storage … Continue reading

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I speak Southerner…

…and my computer knows it. It told me what it was working on the other day: And then I took a quiz and proved I’m not the only one who knows what Better Than Ezra means when they sing “the devil … Continue reading

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The gap between doing nothing and doing anything

When I heard this TED talk that mentioned a phrase about the gap between doing something versus nothing (at about 5:42), I thought about how doing nothing is far easier, and far more common it seems lately (certainly by me), because it means I won’t … Continue reading

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Ask yourself

I am really digging this article, particularly these questions: “What is your cosmic elevator pitch?” Mm, just the thought of taking a cosmic elevator makes me love this question. Defining the answer makes me feel like I’m getting closer to discovering that … Continue reading

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IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT, YOU HAVE 30 MINUTES TO COMPLETED AND SIGNING IT. HAVE A VERY PRODUCTIVER WEEK, AND DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR TIMESHEET DAILY. [sic. Way sic] An email from my employment before my current one. This … Continue reading

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