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LFM to look for meaning. Even geeks can change the world, right? Well, giddyup.

Do yourself a favor

Do whatever you need to watch this RIGHT NOW. Or soon anyway. Thank you, Weird Al.

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Mud mailbox=enjoy the week of rain

Yep. I almost-but-didn’t-finish up my adobe (mud) and glass, ahem “mosaic” art mailbox yesterday. Since it is not yet sealed against moisture, and since my mother is likewise building with an unsealed, permeable material on her house, we will all … Continue reading

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My garden today

Something is upside down here. 8′ tall sunflowers (wild)? Check. 1′ tall high corn, tasseling already? Also check. *facepalm* well, at least the deer didn’t eat it.

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Clothing retailers, get a clue

I recently left this feedback on a survey. I reiterate so that my tall sisters can sing it from the mountains with me: I’m tall* and I’m a girl. I have long arms, long legs, AND a long rise AND broad … Continue reading

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See ya, Converse. Just kidding.

Well, I thought I would toss out these old black low-tops, but damn if I don’t still love them, even with what I thought would be their replacements: starry high-tops I’m pretty sure have summoned Doctor Who by their very … Continue reading

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Freeing mental storage space

Or at least, freeing up virtual mental storage space. Aka ditching my old emails. Why have I kept them for so long? Honestly, I went back to the year 2000 in my Yahoo account. Why? It’s just silly. Now that cloud storage … Continue reading

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I speak Southerner…

…and my computer knows it. It told me what it was working on the other day: And then I took a quiz and proved I’m not the only one who knows what Better Than Ezra means when they sing “the devil … Continue reading

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