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LFM to look for meaning. Even geeks can change the world, right? Well, giddyup.

So, where have you been??

I’ve gotten asked this a lot lately, and rightly so. I  figuratively fell of the face of the planet. Basically, 2013 had some good times (below), but over all it kinda sucked. Everything stopped at the end of 2012 when my mom’s … Continue reading

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Pigs on parade And here is my god-daughter’s back yard farm “ham cam”: pigs 24-7! This is hilarious to me for so many reasons. That’ll do.

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How to ship an inhaler

Yeah, it’s worth a how-to. It was that complicated… until it wasn’t. Ok, here’s the bottom line: I used FedEx overnight (air) for US-domestic, shipped an inhaler with about 120 puffs, found a “station” to ship from, and had to write … Continue reading

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Tolkeen: the anguished wail of Tolkien fans after a Peter Jackson movie. To tolkeen. Tolkeening.

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Release what doesn’t serve you

This phrase has been going through my head and coming up easily once a day—from very random and disparate origins (in articles, from different people, in TED talks and Netflix, Pinterest.. really from everywhere)—for about 10 days now. I decided … Continue reading

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How you spend your days

…is how you spend your life. Dang. From Well, how I spend my days is deciding to do something, making a list of to-dos to get there, and then maybe only doing the first one. Or writing in the … Continue reading

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Not a pinstrocity!

I’m flabbergasted. I saw this pin, thought making a bird looked pretty easy, but was pretty sure it would end in tears. Strangely, it did not. Weeeeeeeird.  

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Yes, you can live on minimum wage

McDonald’s and VISA say so. Didn’t you see their sample budget PDF? Yes, they completely confirm that, at a national wage of $7.25, you can earn $2060 per month at your two jobs. In no way do they expect you … Continue reading

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Homemade laundry soap

This one is super crazy easy. I adapted it from The Family Homestead. Thanks for the inspiration, family homestead! Here’s the recipe I’ve adapted: 1/3 c grated ivory (or fels naphtha) soap 1/2 c washing soda 1/2 c borax 2 … Continue reading

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Can’t wait for bike to work day!

For us, it’ll be May 17. I’m psyched. In it for the swag, for the comraderie, and To see everyone’s cool bikes. Watch the roads! It’s getting nice out, and bikes are vehicles, peeps. Fleshy, vulnerable vehicles.

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